Amanda Muse: Social Media Marketer

 Hi, I am Amanda!san fran me

My dream job is to work as a social media marketer in a company involved with the international community. I realize that thousands of people want jobs in this industry, so I have decided to show how my specialized skill sets can contribute to the social media community. One of my favorite quotes says, “Traveling leaves you breathless, then turns you into a storyteller.” I have detailed my journey below.

Destination Colorado:

cu boulder

My journey began in my home state of Colorado. I earned my degree from University of Colorado in Boulder.  I double majored in English Literature and International Relations, minoring in Chinese. With these degrees I was able to develop skills in my two great passions: travel and writing.  I am a book nerd by day and adventurer by night. During my undergraduate degree I developed my written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills. Gaining knowledge of international relations, I have insight in dealing with cross-cultural communication and politics. I also had so much fun having adventures and making lasting friendships. The key ingredients to the making of any great social media marketer.

Destination China:

Beijing market disctrict

After graduation I set off on one of my greatest adventures to live and work in Beijing, China. In China I gained knowledge of a culture that was completely different from my own. As a kindergarten teacher at House of Knowledge, I learned time management and organizational skills. I learned how to communicate in a tri-lingual environment.

Outside the classroom I learned many real-world skillsets. I hiked the Great Wall of China. I explored the French Quarter in Shanghai.  I saw the Terracotta Warriors in Xian. I even met Bruce Lee in Hong Kong. Traveling taught me how to test myself under even the toughest obstacles. I listened and spoke to people outside my typical world. I also used my Instagram as a personal travel document. My love of photography will help me capture life moment to moment as a social media marketer. I have used social media to help broadcast my personal brand to the international community. Traveling is more than just a vacation, it is about experiencing the stories of another culture. Social media marketing allows us to tell those stories to the world.


Destination: Florida


I am currently pursuing a master’s in Mass Communications and Social Media Marketing at the University of Florida.  Go Gators! By earning a degree in social media marketing I am learning how to use media in integrated campaigns, how to brand companies, implemented multi-media platforms, and creative marketing strategies that gain the attention of consumers. My passion for storytelling gives me a unique perspective on social media marketing. I see every company as having its own story and brand. I want to learn how to express this brand as an accomplished social media marketer.

Whether that means working for Airbnb, Netflix, Orbitz, or The Travel Channel, I will use the skills I have learned here to becoming an accomplished social media marketer. I am beyond excited to see where this program takes me!


Destination: The Unknown…


My life has taken me around the world and back again. The world is a great, brilliant adventure just waiting to be explored. What I love about social media is that it makes the world a much smaller place. I can share tweets with friends living in Europe, like an Instagram on a stranger in Shanghai, and Facebook message a close friend in Gainesville Florida. By starting a career in social media I can be apart of something that connects to a greater community at large.

To learn more about my personal brand, check out my Pinterest page here: Amanda Muse-The Brand. 





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