Facebook Analytics: Studying the ABC’S of Company XYZ

I have finally made it to my last blog post for the semester! I am high fiving everyone who is reading this post right now. (Pause to give an air high five) All joking aside, I am so excited to finally make it to this point. For my final post I have been asked to analyze the Facebook Analytics of a company that shall go by the code name XYZ company. For those of you that don’t know social media analytics are changing the game for traditional marketing research. By looking at aspects such as the number of page likes, view reach, page views, success of different types of posts, and even the time of day fans view your posts researchers can see how to improve a brand’s social media engagement. Analytics may seem like simple data, but they information we are able to gather helps make brands better.

To give a better understanding of the power of analytics here is a video from this week’s class I found helpful:

Key Findings and Possible Improvements

Can I get a Like?

To start off let’s look at the basics of Facebook analytics and see how many likes XYZ Company has earned.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 9.28.37 PM.png

As we can see the company has 549 likes as of March 2nd 2016. While these numbers are not small, for a brand we would obviously like to see the amount of likes increase. The best way to this to start off is posting more frequently and on a consistent basis. From there having a set social media strategy to go off of will help increase page likes.

Is that organic?

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 9.35.32 PM.png

Another key note that jumped out at me was the substantial amount of post reach came from paid advertisements from the company. As a marketing manager, I would want the consumers to see posts organically.  There are numerous ways to do this. Not to sound like a broken record, yet I believe an increase in posts will boost organic reach overall. Fresh content, posing questions to viewers, and touching base on current events helps brands gain followers. Provider posts are appropriate (as I discussed in my last blog post) frequency and consistency in posting are key for post reaching consumer’s Facebook feeds. For some other great advice, I recommend checking out this Forbes article.

Rise of the Mobile Devices

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 9.49.54 PM

One aspect that I noticed about XYZ company is that the majority of their page views came from people on their mobile devices. This is not surprising news for people who are aware of the growing smart phone take over. Some people talk about a zombie uprising, when they should really be talking about the mobile uprising. Findings like this are one of the reasons Mobile-Optimization is becoming so important for social media marketers. In an article we read this week in class Jayson DeMers from Forbes writes, “Google announced to the world that mobile and desktop traffic were on relatively equal footing. Starting now, and continuing into 2016, this shift will continue, eventually making mobile traffic by far the more important, with desktop fading into obscurity over the next 5 years.” From this standpoint, XYZ company needs to make mobile friendly content a priority. While it is important to make content aesthetically pleasing and user friendly across all types of devices, creating content that specifically targets mobile users will increase their marketing potential.

A View on March Madness

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 9.54.39 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 9.55.28 PM.png

From the data presented to me, I see that their is a huge spike in views right along March first. While investigating I see that the reason for this comes from a post promoting a March Madness deal. Posting promotional events like this are easy ways for the company to gain followers. Keeping the companies budget in mind, I think that having at least five promotional discounts a year will help the company’s social media presence as well as gain customers. Along with weekly posts, promotional seasonal campaigns can now be a primary focus for the company.

IMC and Future Campaigns

Overall integration of other social media channels will increase consumer engagement. It doesn’t matter what a company is marketing, people love companies that add a personal touch to everything they do. Like I have mentioned in posts before, XYZ needs to make their website their home base for their company brand. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp Page, and Google+ page should all center back to their website.   For their social channels, Facebook and Twitter are both great platforms to gain engagement from their costumers. This is the place I would recommend the company show a bit more personality.

To start off, I recommend making a post on both their Twitter and Facebook channels at least once a week. Post do not have to relate back to company XYZ necessarily. They do, however, have to be a reflection of the established brand. Cohesiveness throughout all to their social media channels will communicate their ideals to their consumers. This could mean anything from posting a funny cat video or showing support to our veterans. Social media is about the subtle presence of a brand.  By creating a more constant presence on their social channels it reaches the consumer on an organic level.

On that note, being that they are a small company that was started by a husband and wife, XZY company should have an endless supply of personal touches they can add to their marketing campaign. A great starting point would be to have a company newsletter that they would send out on a monthly basis. Sharing photos of their family and company updates shows consumers that you relate to them on a human level. Touches like these spark brand loyalty. Sharing this Newsletter on their social media platforms further promotes IMC efforts.

Learning from Analytics

Analytics in the marketing world are nothing to shy away from. It may not be fun to see that your company is not getting as many likes or reaching the consumers your desire. At the same time, looking at the cold hard facts can be a refreshing view on how to improve your brand. Seeing clear data that shows where a brand could stand to make improvements helps identify guidelines to work off of. The world of social media can often times be hard to decipher. Analytics sheds a light on the otherwise dark haze in the realm of social media.




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