Integrated Marketing Communication Plan: Murphy&Berglund

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The above quote is listed on the law firm of Murphy&Berglund’s website. This statement is more than a simple sentence, but a reflection of the ideals that the law firm represents. Murphy&Berglund was founded by Jodi E. Murphy and Michelle A. Berglund. From the very start of their law firm, they sought to help families above all else. They specialize in family law, guardianship, divorce, bankruptcy and foreclosure, adoption, real-estate, and other numerous legal issues that life has a tendency of surprising us with.  On top of all of their numerous talents, the company has the added advantage of being a female owned business. The target audience for this firm will be everyday people and families that need legal help and advice. With such a wide audience, the possibilities to market Murphy&Berglund are endless. What distinguishes this law firm from others is the friendly, caring nature the brand presents. Along with this they have a extensive knowledge base that gives potential clients a feeling of ease and confidence in their capabilities. This openness is exactly what this company needs to market off of when building their brand. When clients step into the offices of Murphy&Berglund they know that the attorneys at this firm seek to make a difference in the lives of the people they are representing.

To gain a sense of this dual advantage of caring and capable that Murphy&Berglund offers, we need to only watch this welcome video from co-founding Attorney Jodi E. Murphy.

Murphy&Berglund derives their brand identity from their extensive knowledge base and passion to help those in need. From this it is clear that the identity of the law firm has the advantage of already being established. There are many brands that struggle to find their identity. Seeing that Murphy&Berglund already has a steady structure to their brand gives marketers the building blocks we need in order to implement a strong IMC plan. Marketers do not seek to change the identity of a brand, rather they want to bring a brands identity to the forefront.  We need to showcase the Murphy&Berglund identity at every opportunity. For this marketing plan we will be creating a strong website, promoting the company newsletter, starting proper marketing use of social media platforms, participating in live events, and tying it all in with traditional media.

IMC stands for Integrated Marketing Communication. In the growing world of social media successful brands can not simply post an advertisement and expect a response from their audience. For brands to distinguish themselves they need to be visibly engaging themselves across multiple social media platforms. To highlight this importance, the author of Brand Media Strategy writes, “My response is that media planning is focused on reaching as many of the right audience in the right place at the right time and at the right cost as possible, whereas communications planning is less about reaching people than influencing them.” Murphy&Berglund seeks to make a difference in the community that they live. One of the greatest resources available to your firm is implementing a strong IMC campaign. With it you will not only reach the consumers you desire, you will help shape the lives around you. Your firm distinguishes themselves by listening to the needs of the people you serve. IMC is simply promoting a on going conversation Murphy&Berglund began long ago.

Murphy&Berglund has already made a name for themselves as a respected law firm. It is clear everything that your company does is done with respect and integrity. That same innate drive that help found this firm, should be the same drive that showcases it’s many talents. An IMC campaign would get no where if it did not have an honest representation of a brand’s identity. Murphy&Berglund next great step for their business will be letting their voice be heard by their greater community and beyond. By implementing a cohesive IMC plan, this brand will become more effective in what they do. After all, your law firm seeks to help those in need of your legal expertise. In order to help potential clients, your law firm needs to let them know that you are here to listen. Let’s start the conversation by executing an IMC strategy.


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