Hey! My name is Amanda Muse. I am a master’s degree student at University of Florida studying Mass Communications with an emphasis in social media. This is my first blog that I have ever written. As I write this, I realize that these past few years have been a number of firsts. First time experiences. First time triumphs. First time mistakes. First time adventures. Now I get the chance to write about these moments.

I was born in a small farm town in Colorado. Since I was a little girl I have wanted adventure and to seek the great unknown. I graduated from University of Colorado Boulder in 2014 with a degree in International Affairs and English Literature with a minor in Mandarin Chinese. After graduation I found a job teaching kindergarten in Beijing China. For nearly two years I lived an amazing life of non stop exploring, learning, and changing.  In China I discovered so much about what I wanted in life. It was from there that I decided to pursue my masters degree.

After returning to Colorado, I am working as a barista and figuring where I would like to venture next. This is wonderful because it fuels my coffee habit for better or worse. While I am not necessarily new to social media, I have a lot to learn. The more I have traveled the more apparent I saw a need for social media marketing skills in a global setting. What I love about about social media is that it keeps us connected from around the world. Companies now seek to have a more personal connection to their clients. A small business in Colorado can now connect to someone living in Hong Kong. I want to be apart of this connection in some way. Everyday I seem to be getting closure to that dream.

On the personal side of things, I never seem to stick to just one hobby or past time. I read some where that in order to be in happy in life you need to have three main hobbies. One that makes you money. One that keeps you healthy. One that keeps you happy. I am trying to find out what those three things should be.

Welcome to my world of first time triumphs and mishaps. I will keep you posted on my adventures along the way. 🙂